Stainless Steel and Chrome Sealant

Stainless steal is one of the most desireable
finishes for interior appliances , countertops, and
backsplashes, but keeping it looking its best can
be challenging. 386 Nanotech has the cleaner to
remove those years of build up from chemical
and oil residue and the sealant to protect the
look and the finish. 386 promotes Green Living
so no more use of harsh chemicals to clean. Once
sealed, fingerprints, oil and grease simply wipe
away by using386 Micro Splitting Multi purpose
cleaner or just a damp sponge .

"386 is the only product we used period."
Arhitectural Metal Concepts.
Ridgewood, NJ USA

To be used on Refrigerator , dishwasher , stove,
exhaust hoods,and stainless

-Nanotechnology forms a tight molecular bonded
and a perfect seal every time.

-Create an easy-to-clean surface. No need to
clean with oils or other chemicals.

-Helps resist staining and discoloration.keep
stainless looking shiny and new.

-Easily remove fingerprints , dirt, food and
smudges with just a damp cloth.

-Resists oil, grease , water and dirt

-Helps prevent bacteria

-Does not change or alter the texture or finish

-Contains no silcone, or acrylics products

-UV Stable will not peel or discolor

-Seals for up to 3 years


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