Glass and Ceramic Sealant

Spotting, dirt and grime buildup have been a
long standing problem on and ceramic tile, 386
Nanotech makes the cleaner to remove them and
the sealant to prevent them from adhering to the
surface.Nanotechnology forms a tight molecular
bond and a perfect seal everytime.386 promotes
Green Living so no more using harsh chemicals to
clean.Simply use 386 Micro-Splitting
Multipurpose cleaner or a damp sponge to
maintain your beautiful ceramic surface.Lasts up
to 3 years

To be used on interior and exterior windows and

-Create an easy to-clean surface and protects
from water, grease, and dirt buildup

-Clean with just a damp cloth and water to wipe
away dirt and water marks.No chemicals needed
to clean

- Helps prevent Bacteria

- Helps prevent mold and mildew

- Withstands up to 572 Degrees F

- Contains NO silicone oracrylics products

- UV Stable. Will not discolor or peel

- Seals for up to 3 years


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