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386 Nano Reel Seal

Nano Reel Seal performance is un paralleled by
any other product on the market today! it is
engineered to seal and lubricate the inside of the
reel while protecting the outside against
corrosion using advanced nanotechnology.
Nanotechnology is the engineering of molecular
bond that make a perfect seal every time.This
keeps your reel running flawlessly smooth even
after exposing it to the harshest of saltwater
conditions.Its perfomance raises the bar for all
other production on the market today.

Nano Reelseal

-Lubricates the inside and protects the outside
of your reel.

-Easy to apply

-Keeps your reel running RIDICULOUSLY smooth

-Protects your reel from fresh and saltwater

-Extends the life of your valuable equipment.

-Makes your reel very easy to clean and maintain

-No harsh petroleum smell

-No discoloration. Does not peel

-Makes your reel easy to maintain

-Brings your old reel back to life.

386 Nano ReelSeal is a must have for any

"Never seen anything like it.Unbelievable

-Melton Tackle International

"This amazing product will prevent saltwater
intrusion and corrosion on all your fishing reels.
At tackleToystore/BMC tackle we use 386
Nanotech Reel Seal on all our BMC Kingfish Drag
updates.We highly recommend this product to
all our customers."

-Tackle Toy Store
pompano Beach, FL


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