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Shooting Team

Capt.Philip Hemphill of the Mississippi Highway
patrol has won the AAST's (American Association
of State Troopers)top prize 13 of 16 years.In
2008 he has returned to the matches as a
referee.Capt.Hemphill has won his ninth
National police shooting championship and his
fourth straight title at last years NPSE(National
police shooting championship)and was named
National Rifle association's 2007 law
Enforcement officer of the year.The NPSC is
considered the world's most prestigious law
enforcement shooting competition with about
320 competitors from federal,state,municipal,
private security companies as well as five foreign
contries competing.

With Capt.Philip Hemphill leading the Mississippi
state troopers, they prove year after year that
training pays.Lt.cOL.Pat Cronin(now retired
from MHP) won the high scoring state Trooper
Award for NPSC's high scoring active trooper.
Lt.Col.Cronin and Sgt.Rawlinson also claimed
the two-man world police pistol Title by defeating
Team Germany in the semi-auto championships.


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