Interior & Shower Glass

Glass and Ceramic Sealant

Hardwater spots, soap and lime buildup have been a long standing problem on shower glass, interior glass, glass tiles, porcelean and ceramic tiles. 386 Nanotech makes the cleaner to remove them and the sealant to prevent them from adhering to the surface. Nanotechnology forms a tight molecular bond and a perfect seal everytime. 386 promotes Green Living so no more using harsh chemicals to clean. Simply use 386 Micro-Splitting Multipurpose Cleaner or a damp sponge to maintain your beautiful glass or ceramic surface. Lasts up to 3 years.

To be used on Ceramic or Glass Tiles

- Create an easy-to-clean surface. Easily remove grease and oil splashes.

- Protects from water, oil, grease and dirt

- Reduces soap scum build up and protects tiles from water, oil and grease

- Helps prevent mold and mildew.

- Helps prevent bacteria

- Withstands up to 572 Degrees F

- Contains NO silicone, or acrylics products

- UV Stable. Will not discolor or peel

- Seals for up to 3 years


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