386 Nanotech Sealants,Inc.is a leader in
nanotechnology and is a true
Nanotechnology company.We continue to
research and develop new products for
specific industries, while improving existing
products.If your company has a specific
need,please contact us to discuss your

Nanotechnology Nano approximately one
billionth of yard in size,meaning molecular
(very small)technology.Nanotechnology is
the production and use of very small
particulates and manipulating them into a
useful manner.These particulates are self-
organizing and have the ability to organize
into a hypo-retardant barrier.Each specific
sealant works the most efficiently on its
desiqnated surface.There are no damaging
materials mixed with our 386 Nanotech

386 Nanotech sealant forms a very thin
layer on the applied surface.Once 386
Nanotech sealant is dry, a tight molecular
bond forms an invisible layer that resists
water,oil or qrease, etc.The layer is so thin
that the tiny holes and depressions are
bond.This bond helps prevent bacteria
from entering the surface.

The look,color,texture,breathability and
finish of the surface remain unchanged
after it has been treated with 386 Nanotech
Sealants.The surface can withstand up to
300c/2102F .The treated surface becomes
easy to clean with no harsh or abrasive
chemicals needed.386 Nanotech sealants
are UV stable, slightly more search
resistant,frost resistand and are easy to

Once 386 Nanotech sealant has been used
and the surface has bonded,it is extremely
hard to remove the treatment without
damaging the surface area.Abrasive
substances and a lot of time and effort are
needed to remove the surface treatment.

To clean and maintain your 386 Nanotech
surface,use only mild soap and water or a
damp cloth and follow with a dry cloth.
There is no longer a need for harsh
chemicals as all the porous area of the
surface have been sealed and bonded
resisting any penetration of water or other
particles.This greatly reduces the maintenance coast.



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