386 IFE Engine Technology

The 386 IFE(Increased Fuel Efficiency)Engine
Technology is an industry first product.The IFE
product has been lab tested at california
Environmental Engineering
(Environmental protection Agency)recognized
and CARB (California Air Resources Board)
Certified testing lab using the 75 CVS FTP Test.
The Federal test procedure(FTP Test) is the city
cycle test recognized by the EPA to test for fuel
economy and emissions and is the standard test
for all car manufacturers.386 IFE increases fuel
Efficiency by up to 12% and reduces the harm ful
emissions generated by a vehicle of up to 58%
Tests show a reduction in Hydrocarbons of up to
26% reduction of carbon Monoxide(CO) by up to
21%, reduction of Nitrogen Oxides(NOX) by up
to 58% and reduction of Carbon Dioxide(CO2)
by up to 6%.

The IFE is placed in your engine oil
compartment at the time of an oil change.This
will help increase your fuel efficieny and
decrease your emissions.The Effect will last untill
your next oil change. At the time of your next oil
change and subsequent oil changes,the IFE
product is used to continue the benefits to
maintain your increased fuel efficiency and
reduction in emissions.IFE contains nothing
harmful that will damage or hurt your engine.
386 IFE contains NO PTFE.

For a full disclosure of 386 IFE Engine
Technology, including the test Procedure,Test
Results, Testing Facility ,Experts Background,
Expert Statement,CEE Executive Summary
Attachment labeled"IFE Engine Technology
Information" listed below.

video  Watch video CEE Interview#1

video Watch video CEE Interview#2

pdf IFE Engine Technology Information.PDF

pdf CEE Executive Summary.pdf

pdf FTP Test cart.pdf


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